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Cuando sabes que eres húngaro

Pues si, navegando por ahí he visto esto, y me he dado un lote de reir. Luego, me he reido mucho más cuando he visto que casi cumplo más de la mitad. La leche, y solo llevo 6 meses. Por cierto, sí, está en inglés.

You know you're Hungarian when
1. you use sour cream more than ketchup.
2. nobody can properly pronounce your last name.
3. nobody can properly pronounce your first name.
4. sausages hanging in your grandfather’s auto repair shop is normal
5. Paprika is just as important as salt & pepper on the table and in food
6. half of your grandmother’s friends’ husbands’ have the name József
7. a family member thinks you are crazy and yells at you because you don’t wear “papucs” around the house at all times to prevent yourself from “felfázni”
8. meeting another Hungarian in a country outside of Hungary is amazing
9. you know the phrase “three is the Hungarian truth”
10. people wanna show off by saying that they know your capital: Bucharest! And no, they are not joking.
11. you can swear for 5 minutes straight, with one breath, not using the same word, ever.
12. you know why the bells of every church ring every day at noon.
13. you would rather stand up in a tram/trolley when there are plenty of seats available.
14. you can’t enjoy a day at the “strand” without a good lángos.
15. you watched Walt Disney cartoons each Sunday at 3:30 p.m.
16. your parents had at least a Lada, Kispolszki or a Trabant.
17. your grandma makes the best palacsinta.
18. you love “Túró Rudi” and you know that “csak a pöttyös az igazi”.
19. your grandparents drink pálinka like water.
20. you do too.
21. everything has powdered sugar on it
22. refuse more food and you automatically have an eating disorder
23. someone says that Hungarian “is like Russian and all those other Slavic languages,” and then you have to go into great detail about the origins of Hungarian with a scolding history lesson
24. you perpetually have to teach people how to pronounce “Mosonmagyaróvár”, “Győr” and “Hegyeshalom”.
25. you have difficulty pronouncing words started with “W” in English, but you’re capable of creating long and meaningful sentences using only “E” vowels in you mother tongue
26. you greet elderly people with “Csókolom!” even when you’re 18.
27. you tell someone that you are Hungarian, they ask “Are you hungry?” Then you congratulate them on being the millionth person to say that to you
28. you, being a girl, smell like a mixture of 20 different perfumes on Easter Monday.
29. you, being a boy, run around with your mother’s old perfumes to earn more red Easter eggs on Easer Monday.
30. you don’t see ham for a year after Easter.
31. your grandparents put too much “Erős Pista” in the “halászlé” because it tastes better.
32. you don’t want to know what “haltej” really is.
33. you know where the “éjjel nappali” is located at the Moszkva Tér.
34. you watched Esti mese with the tévé maci each night before going to sleep.
35. you know and you like “Süsü a sárkány”.
36. you struggle to survive on August 20th to watch the fireworks.
37. you and your family are always spending your vacation at Balaton.
38. you never heard anybody say anything positive about politics.
39. you can’t imagine a summer without “sziget”.
40. you wish you would get 5 bucks everytime somebody says “I know a hungarian word… bazdmeg… *laugh*…”
41. you don’t know at least half of the people at family celebrations.
42. nobody believes that you don’t understand Finnish.
43. you keep an old black and white TV or any other useless object because maybe one day it will be good for something
44. you associate with the “Nyugati” station “tartós elem 4 darab egy 100as”.
45. you think that “Téli szalámi” is the best pepperoni in the world.
46. you have the largest collection of plastic bags in the world, but will still take loads from Tesco or Auchan
47. you don’t buy tickets for public transport
48. you had symbols in preschool to identify your stuff
49. WestEnd is a mall for you
50. you can say “megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért”

Via Geréby Jozsef, que a su vez lo debió ver en fuckyeahhungary

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